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Tovetorp surroundings.

DEEP science on over 350 000 Twitter timelines

Scientists around the world active on Twitter received an outburst of tweets from Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Science (DEEP), during a conference in the field station Tovetorp.

Researchers at DEEP in Chernobyl

What’s going on in Chernobyl?!

Researchers at DEEP have been visiting the still radioactive area around Chernobyl. What is actually happening in this interesting area of pollution and wilderness?

Herbivorous fishes (Acanthuridae, Surgeonfish) swimming by a seagrass bed. Photo credit Angelica Chirico

Predatory fish and their importance

With this post we are starting a series of blog posts about the assistant professors (biträdande lektorer) at DEEP. First up is Johan Eklöf and his work on fish, food chains, and biodiversity in places such as East Africa and the Baltic Sea.

Lab work at DEEP

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