We provide access to all the scientific literature you might need within the university’s disciplines. We provide access to scientific databases, e-journals and e-books, both on and off campus. The Stockholm University Library is located at Frescati and consists of ten library units.

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A library for the students of Stockholm University

We provide educational materials such as books, journals and databases, in both analogue and digital format, and we show you how to locate the materials you need. If you are a student, we also have tools for digital publishing of essays, theses and project reports: The Digital Academic Archive (Diva).

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Study areas and resource rooms at The Stockholm University Library

Our library provides study spaces for individual study and group work, as well as access to computers. There are also resource rooms available to those with reading difficulties and a special study area for those who suffer from allergies.

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A library for researchers and educators of Stockholm University

We organise scientific communication and referencing courses and assist you with personal support and tools for electronic publishing, distribution and archiving of your theses and articles.

We also have overall responsibility for publishing support and The Stockholm University Press, which is linked to a growing demand for Open Access publishing.

Arrange a course for your students

We also organise courses for your students, preferably in close cooperation with you as a course coordinator.

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