Please note: Due to a water leak you can not book group room F455, G454 or H453.

The group rooms must be booked in advance. In order to book, you need an active university account and an up to date university card.

The rooms are different sizes. Some are designed for one person, others are larger and can accommodate groups of up to 6-8 people. All rooms are marked on the maps of the library.

You can book rooms for up to nine hours per fortnight a maximum of two weeks in advance.

The computers in the group rooms provide access to the Internet and Microsoft Office. The wireless network is available throughout the campus.

Book a group room (requires login)

Due to a water leak you can not book group room F455, G454 or H453

The water leak was caused in a toilet on the fifth floor and a number of renovations need to be carried out during October.

We apologize for any disturbances and noise this may cause in the Frescati Library during this time.

The following group rooms on the entrance floor can not be booked during this period: F455, G454 and H453. During the same period the corridor outside the rooms will be closed off.

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