Most people dislike the idea of “health economists” having influence on medical decision making and who gets what when it comes to health care. Health economics is often thought of as inhumane, promoting efficiency at the expense of more profound moral values, such as equality and need. The fact that allocations solely based on cost-effectiveness are unlikely to be compatible with public views has been widely established. For an economist this can be hard to understand, why is not the quest to maximize the value for money something that strikes a chord with the general public? In his presentation, Gustav Tinghög will present a series of studies about the role of emotions and morals in the health care priority setting and how this can lead to scope neglect and decision avoidance.

The seminar is given by Gustaf Tinghög, who is associate professor at the JEDI-lab (Judgment, Emotion, Decision and Intuition) at the Department of Management and Engineering, Linköping University.