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N. J. van Doesum, R. O. Murphy, M. Gallucci,
et al.
REPLY TO NIELSEN ET AL. : Social mindfulness is associated with countries’ environmental performance and individual environmental concern 2022
N. J. Van Doesum, R. O. Murphy, M. Gallucci,
et al.
Reply to Komatsu et al. : From local social mindfulness to global sustainability efforts? 2022
Patrik Lindenfors, Joshua Krusell, Staffan I. Lindberg
Sequential Requisites Analysis : A New Method for Analyzing Sequential Relationships in Ordinal Data 2017
Patrik Lindenfors
Religion vs. Health 2015
Kimmo Eriksson, Chris C. Martin
Who Accurately Predicted the End of the Government Shutdown? 2016
Arne Jarrick
The Pressure to Conform, the Need to Rebel : a Historical Project on Resisting Group Pressure 2016
Anna Jon-And, Mikael Parkvall
Developing a pidgin corpus 2018
Stefano Ghirlanda, Magnus Enquist, Johan Lind
Corrigendum to "Coevolution of intelligence, behavioral repertoire, and lifespan" [Theoret. Popul. Biol. 91 (2014) 44–49] 2014
Arne Jarrick
The Apostles of Linnaeus and the Economy of nature 2013
Kimmo Eriksson, Brent Simpson
The available evidence suggests the percent measure should not be used to study inequality : Reply to Norton and Ariely 2013
Hanna Aronsson
Sexual imprinting and fetishism: an evolutionary hypothesis 2011
Stefano Ghirlanda, Luca de Sanctis
Shared culture needs large social networks 2014
Stefano Ghirlanda, Pierluigi Contucci, Ignacio Gallo
Equilibria of Culture Contact Derived from In-Group and Out-Group Attitudes 2014
Johan Lind
Quercus : The Oak and Diversity 2011
Arne Jarrick
The need to be needed : an essay on humankind, culture, and world history 2010
Johan Lind
Vigilance and models of behaviour 2011
Magnus Enquist, Peter L. Hurd, Stefano Ghirlanda
Signaling 2010
Charlotta Kvarnemo, Patrik Lindenfors, Malin Ah-King,
et al.
Workshop review of: Gender perspectives on the development of sexual selection theory, Uppsala, October 2008 2010
Patrik Lindenfors
Julen är en högtid för alla 2010
Kerstin Lidén, Holger Schutkowski
Sporstoffer og isotopanalyser 2008
Kimmo Eriksson, Brett Simpson
Deception and price in a market with asymmetric information 2009
Gunilla Eriksson
Immigrant, returnee or commuter? 2008
Kerstin Lidén, Gunilla Eriksson
Walking on the wild side : On cultural diversity and the Pitted Ware Culture along the Swedish east coast during the Middle Neolithic 2008
Gunilla Eriksson
Stable isotope analysis of human and faunal remains from Zvejnieki 2009
Kerstin Lidén, Anna Linderholm, Anders Götherström
Pushing it back. Dating the CCR5-delta 32 bp deletion to the Mesolithic in Sweden and it's implications for the Meso/Neo transition 2008
Crista Adelle Wathen, Fanny Bengtsson, Sven Isaksson,
et al.
They came from far and wide – strontium isotope analysis of the individuals buried at the early Christian site of Varnhem in southwestern Sweden 2022
Crista Adelle Wathen, Sven Isaksson, Kerstin Lidén
Keeping it together: Animal glues and the effects on strontium isotopes and concentration 2022
Karla Hoff, Rohini Somanathan, Pontus Strimling
Community Contracts : An Experimental Investigation of Rule Formation in Indian Villages 2015
Hanna Aronsson, Johan Lind, Stefano Ghirlanda,
et al.
Parental effects on sexual preferences in humans : A web study of attraction to glasses 2011