A working paper by Professor Małgorzata Kossowska, Gabriela Czarnek and Paulina Szwed of the Knowledge Resistance project is now available as preprint through PsyArXiv. The paper is titled "Political ideology and attitudes toward vaccination: Study report" and examins the way that political ideology intersects vaccination attitudes in Europe, with a special focus on Poland, and is available here. Following is the article abstract:

As the relationship between ideology and attitudes towards vaccinations is usually analysed using data collected in the US context, in this report we focus on the vaccination attitudes in Europe, with a special focus on Poland. The current findings show that the effects of ideology on vaccine attitudes are insignificant when European context is considered. Instead, we found that ideology interact with political interest: among people interested in politics, right-wing ideology had negative effect on vaccine attitudes and beliefs, whereas for people not interested in politics, the effects of ideology were insignificant. However, the interaction effects were rather modest and did not provide support for the hypothesis that there is a “liberal bias” against vaccination. We suggest that it insignificant effects of ideology on vaccine attitudes in the European context is related to the fact that vaccines have not become a strongly politicized issue as it is in the US.