Alyt Damstra

Alyt Damstra is a postdoctoral researcher at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoR). Her research focuses on the interrelations between media, society, and public opinion. She has published on the formation and impact of economic news, the impact of immigration news on support for anti-immigrant parties, and the conditionality of integration processes. 


Selected publications:

Damstra, A., Boukes, M., & Vliegenthart, R. (2020). To credit or to blame: The asymmetric impact of government responsibility in economic news. International Journal of Public Opinion Research. Advance online publication.

Damstra, A., Jacobs, L. C. N., Boukes, M., & Vliegenthart, R. (2019). The impact of immigration news on anti-immigrant party support: unpacking agenda-setting and issue ownership effects over time. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties. Advance online publication.

Damstra, A., & Boukes, M. (2018). The economy, the news, and the public: A longitudinal study of the impact of economic news on economic evaluations and expectations. Communication Research. Advance online publication.