The researchers involved in the Knowledge Resistance programme have participated in a number of talks, lectures and discussions. They are listed here by researcher and date.

Anandi Hattiangadi

Academy Course in two parts, ‘The Epistemology of Fake News’, HowTheLightGetsIn Festival, Hay-on-Wye, 22nd to 24th of May. (Due to Covid-19, this event took place online.)

A Debate with Simon Blackburn and Sophie Grace Chappell on the topic of ‘A Matter of Facts’ at HowTheLightGetsIn Festival, Hay-on-Wye, 22nd to 24th of May. (Due to Covid-19, this event will take place online.)

Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson

Henrik Oscarsson has participated in a number of public events related to the program research. He has served on Swedish Television as an expert on voter behavior and public opinion in connection with the European parliamentary Elections, and has participated in several news programs on radio and TV, in podcasts and in the leading daily papers (Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, and others). He has also presented new data on trust, ‘Medieakademiens förtroendebarometer 2019’ (together with Toivo Sjörén), sent live on SVT Forum, on March 21 (2019) and on March 11 (2020), In addition, he has held the following presentations:

2020-01-17 Lecture, "En polariserad tid?", Riksdagens utredningstjänst (RUT), Stockholm.

2020-01-17 Lecture, "Svenska demokratitrender: Hur mår 100-åringen?" för kommittén Demokratin 100 år - samling för en stark demokrati, Stockholm.

2019-11-17 Lecture, "Partierna: Det nya landskapet". Presentation of RJ’s årsbox at Institute of Futures Studies, Stockholm.                                                                                                

2019-11-13 Lecture, Kvalitetsmässan in Gothenburg.

2019-09-27 Lecture, Demokratidagen 2019. Vem styr?. SCBs demokratidag, Stockholm.

2019-09-20 Varför gick valet 2018 som det gick?. Västsvenska handelskammaren, Gothenburg.

2019-04-09 Det nya partisystemet från SOM-seminariet 2019, Gothenburg.

2019-04-03 20 minuter om röstdelning från SKL Demokratidag 2019, Gothenburg.

Åsa Wikforss

Åsa Wikforss has participated in more than 100 public events relating to the topic of knowledge resistance (including TV and radio) since January 2019, and has published several popular texts. Here is a selection of her public contributions, nationally and internationally:

Performance lecture, ‘Om sanning’ (On Truth), The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, ten performances November 2019 – February 2020:

Corona Crisis Zoominar, presentation on knowledge resistance and COVID-19, Center for Philosophy and the Sciences, Oslo University, 2020-04-15 (plus online interview).

Article on knowledge resistance and disagreement, ‘Den stora oenigheten. Om faktaresistens och tillit’, forthcoming in the anthology Det demokratiska samtalet i en digital tid (published by Regeringskansliet).

Panel debate, 6 Degrees Berlin, The Global Forum for Inclusion, 2020-02-18.

Long interview, De Standaard Weekblad, 2020-02-08

Panel debate, Truth, Propaganda, and Public Discourse, Institute of Philosophy, London, 2019-11-26.

Lecture Internetstiftelsen, ‘Kritiskt tänkande i post-sanningens tid’, Digitaliseringens påverkan på skolan, 2019-11-25.

Panel debate (with Sacha Golob, Steve Fuller, Peter Pomerantsev), ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Post-Truth, HowTheLightGetsIn 2019, Philosophy Festival, London, 2019-09-22.

Academy course, Facts in the Post-Truth Era, HowTheLightGetsIn 2019, Philosophy Festival, London, 2019-09-21 (also available online).

Swedish Television, Fönster mot medievärlden, interviewed by Jan Helin, 2019-09-13.

Interview, ‘Why do we resist knowledge? An interview with Åsa Wikforss’ (by David Maclean), Institute of Art and Ideas, 2019-07-10.

Panel participant (with Michael Lynch and Tali Sharot), Presenting Science to the Public in a Post-Truth Era, University of Connecticut, 2019-05-24.

Public lecture and panel debate, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, 2019-04-25.

Lecture on knowledge resistance for high school students, at Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, 2019-04-24.

Academy Lecture, The Royal Academy of Science, ’Det ogrundade tvivlet. Vetenskapsmotstånd i post-sanningens tid’, 2019-02-20.