Styrelseklubba. Foto: Pia Nordin

The Department Board consists of Head of Department and the Vice Head of Department, six Teacher Representatives, one Technical and Administrative Staff Representantive and three Student Representatives (one Doctoral student and two at Basic level).

1 January 2021—31 December 2023


  • Associate Professor Karolina Wirdenäs, Head of Department

Vice chairman

  • Professor Anna-Malin Karlsson, Vice Head of Department

Teacher representantives

  • Professor Niclas Abrahamsson
  • Professor Cecilia Alvstad
  • Docent Theres Bellander
  • Professor Yvonne Lindqvist
  • Lecturer Mårten Michanek
  • University lecturer Susan Sayehli


  • Professor Roger Andersson
  • University lecturer Jonatan Pettersson
  • Lecturer Malin Tesfazion

Administrative staff representantive

  • Student counsellor Olivia Schlyter
  • Administrative Director of studies Tatiana Antonchick


  • Course administrator Maja Johansson

Student representantives

  • Ylva Seigerlund
  • Basima Yousif
  • PhD student Shiro Shibata


  • Carl-Ejnar Olsson
  • PhD student Natalia Volvach

Keeper of the minutes (not member of the board)

Administrator Annette Fischer