Styrelseklubba. Foto: Pia Nordin

The Department Board consists of Head of Department and the Vice Head of Department, six Teacher Representatives, one Technical and Administrative Staff Representantive and three Student Representatives (one Doctoral student and two from the Basic level).

1 January 2018—31 December 2020



  • Professor Anna-Malin Karlsson, Head of Department

Vice chairman

  • Associate Professor Karolina Wirdenäs, Vice Head of Department


Teacher representantives

  • Professor Niclas Abrahamsson
  • University lecturer Theres Bellander
  • Lecturer Helén Ericson
  • University lecturer Carla Jonsson
  • Professor Yvonne Lindqvist
  • Professor Catrin Norrby


  • University lecturer Gunilla Almström Persson
  • Lecturer Eva Nobel
  • University lecturer Susan Sayehli
  • Professor Cecilia Wadensjö


Administrative staff representantive

  • Financial manager Betina Loza Fernandez
  • Administrative Director of studies Yvonne Carlsson


  • Human resources Gunilla Westin


Student representantives

  • PhD student Elisabeth Geiger Poignant
  • Amanda Lönngren


  • PhD student Marta Quevedo Rodriquez
  • PdD student Fredrik Valdeson

Keeper of the minutes (not member of the board)

Administrative Director of studies Ghada Najem.