Café Studenhuset Foto: Eva Dalin
Café at Studenthuset. Photo: Eva Dalin

Cafees and restaurants at Stockholm University campus

There are several alternatives to choose from. Pages are usually in Swedish but they sometimes keep English menus. (Links open in new windows.) During the Summer (mid June – mid August) most of them are closed, though number 5 is open:

  1. Fazer Food & Co Lantis – buffet restaurant (Allhuset, Entrance 7B)
  2. Kafé Kåriander – many vegan and vegetarian alternatives (Studenthuset, Floor 2)
  3. Matbutiken – sandwiches and salads (Södra huset, Building C, Floor 4)

  4. Matlådan – lunchboxes ready to go (Södra huset, Buildning F, Floor 6)

  5. Prego Arrhenius – sandwiches and salads (Arrheniuslabratorierna, Building C, Floor 5)

  6. Prego D-huset – sandwiches and salads (Södra huset, Building D, Floor 4)

Locations 1–5, see Map Cafes Campus Frescati (736 Kb) .

For more alternatives, see Lunch venues (the Uni site).