Exchange Studies

Exchange studies

If you are studying Swedish or Scandinavian languages at a foreign university you may study one or two semesters as an exchange or guest student at our department:In Swedish: Studier i Stockholm för dig som studerar svenska i utlandet

If you are an exchange student at another department at Stockholm University, you will find courses given in English at our department:
Exchange studies (at the Centre for Research on Bilingualim's site)

Minor Field Studies. Minor Field Studies (MFS) is a scholarship programme for field studies in developing countries. Minor Field Studies (SU site)

Rules and regulations

Rules for Exams at Stockholm University and Regulations for Examination at Stockholm University. About cheating and harassments a.o.

Josefine Berg. Foto: Pia Nordin

Josefine Berg

Student office / student counsellor in Swedish and Scandinavian Languages

Information about corona
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Språkstudion in English
Puff University library

Student council SISOFS

Logga Sisofs

Student council at The Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism (including the Centre for Research on Bilingualism and The Institute for Interpretation and Translation Studies).

The Board

E-mail: (the Union)

Next meeting (in Swedish)

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Swedish society – innovative and fashionable

Read about Innovation in Sweden, Swedish fashion, Health care in Sweden, Openness and transparency, Elderly care in Sweden, Sweden’s disability policy.

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