Vt -21/Spring '21

All registered students will have the opportunity to make a group selection in the learning platform Athena before the course starts.

  1. Vt -21 Schema NS0003 Grupp 1 (Theres Beswick). Wednesdays 18–21.
  2. Vt -21 Schema NS0003 Grupp 2 (Jeanette Lilja). Thursdays 18–21. 
  3. Vt -21 Schema NS0003 Grupp 3 (Anna Volkova). Tuesdays 18–21.
  4. Vt -21 Schema NS0003 Grupp 4 (Erkan Ellek). Thursdays 18–21. 

Starts in week 5. Seminars and examinations will be given online.

Ht -21/Autumn '21

Period 1

All seminars and examinations will be given online during period 1. Information about the teaching in period 2 will be announced later in the autumn.



Course syllabus NS0003 (228 Kb)  (in English)

Kursplan NS0003 (240 Kb) (in Swedish)

This course may not be included in a degree at Stockholm University, either as a main field of study or as additional studies.



Litteratur/Literature NS0001–0006 (78 Kb)



Betygskriterier NS0003 (58 Kb)


Course objective

The course is designed to increase students’ practical skills in Swedish as a foreign language. Exercises are designed to extend the students ability to read, write and speak Swedish in regular situations related to work, school, leisure etc. After this course the students will be familiar with basic facts of Swedish life and society and will be able to deal with most situations likely to arise during their stay in Sweden.

Qualification requirements

For admission to the complementary course Swedish for International Students you have to be admitted and registered on at least 15 ECTS at Stockholm University. Please note that it is not possible to apply to this course if you are not a student at Stockholm University, or taking at least 15 ECTS at Stockholm University the semester you apply for. For this course it is required that you have either passed course 2 or have taken the placement test in order to enter course 3.

Course layout

Swedish language course 3 for international students comprises of a limited number of tutorials in study groups of approxiamtely 20 to 30 students. Regular homework, assignments and self study is compulsory. Classes are scheduled one afternoon or evening per week. Active participation and a passing grade on the final examination is required for receiving credit points, as well as for admission to a higher level.

Examination is a final exam which will be held when the whole course is completed. Points will not be given, you will receive a G which is short for godkänd (pass) or a U which is short for underkänd (fail).