The course material is made up of texts and conversations about subjects concerning personal interests, day-to-day activities and work as well as current news and well-known social phenomena. Descriptions of basic language rules are also included. During the course you will practice applying basic rules to the grammar, pronunciation and spelling of standard Swedish.

  • Course code: NSSUSB

Schedule, spring -21

All registered students will have the opportunity to make a group selection in the learning platform Athena before the course starts.

  1. Vt -21 Schema NSSUSA Grupp 1 (Göran Basth). Wednesdays 16:30–19:30.
  2. Vt -21 Schema NSSUSA Grupp 2 (Lina Heinold Johansson). Mondays 16:30-19:30. 
  3. Vt -21 Schema NSSUSA Grupp 3 (Sten-Magnus Petri). Tuesdays 16:30-19:30. 

Starts in week 4 or 5. Seminars and examinations will be given online. 


Levy Scherrer, Paula & Lindemalm, Karl. 2014. Rivstart A1+A2, Textbok och övningsbok samt tillhörande webbövningar. Stockholm: Natur & Kultur.


Expected level at admission

Previous knowledge

You have to possess knowledge about:

  • Basic Swedish grammar and syntax.
  • Basic Swedish vocabulary, words and phrases that occur in day-to-day situations.
  • Basic Swedish pronunciation.

You can already

  • talk about yourself in an everyday situation.
  • participate in simple conversations about general subjects.
  • re-tell and comment on something that has been read or heard and which contains everyday vocabulary and concerns general subjects.
  • write simple texts about well-known subjects and personal interests.


Formal criteria

Criteria for participation in course B are:


Placement test

A person who already has some knowledge of Swedish but has not previously participated in a course for employees can take a placement test. Please contact the student counsellor for more details (see orange contact box).



See Swedish language course for international employees at Stockholm University: Application