The course contains exercises in oral communication in everyday situations and exercises in producing simple coherent texts about well-known subjects or personal interests, where the participant can account for experiences, events, dreams, hopes and goals as well as briefly explain motivations, opinions and plans. During the course the participant will practice applying the rules of the grammar, pronunciation and spelling of standard Swedish.

  • Course code: NSSUSC

Schedule, fall -20

The teaching at The Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism will mainly be online during the autumn term 2020. We are, however, planning for some examinations and occasional teaching on campus.

Please note that the schedule is preliminary, that the second half of the term will be specified further in the schedule, and that our plans may be changed in accordance with the recommendations of The Public Health Agency of Sweden and current conditions.

Ht -20 Schema NSSUSC Grupp 1 (Linnea Rutström). Wednesdays 16:3019:30.

Starts in week 39. Seminars will be carried out online.


Information about the course literature will be presented at the first seminar.

Expected level at admission

Previous knowledge

The participant has to possess knowledge about:

  • Basic Swedish grammar and syntax.
  • Basic Swedish vocabulary, words and phrases that occur in day-to-day situations.
  • Basic Swedish pronunciation.

The participant can already:

  • Re-tell and comment on the main contents of something which has been read or heard, and which contains highly frequent and everyday vocabulary.

  • Exchange information in presentations and conversations concerning well-known subjects and activities.

  • Write simple texts about well-known subjects and personal interests as well as describe experiences and impressions.


Formal criteria

Criteria for participation in course C are:


Placement test

A person who already has some knowledge of Swedish but has not previously participated in a course for employees can take a placement test. Please contact the student counsellor for more details (see orange contact box).



See Swedish language course for international employees at Stockholm University: Application