The Swedish Language Consultancy Programme

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Examinerade språkkonsulter i svenska, kull 19, Stockholms universitet juni 2018. Foto: Mona Blåsjö

What is a Swedish Language Consultant?

A Swedish Language Consultant is a combination of several jobs in one – he/she works as an information clerk, journalist, teacher, researcher and general expert in communication.

The employment market

The employment market for Certified Swedish Language Consultants comprises both the public and private sectors, where work generally focuses on providing training courses in communication and information, writing and editing texts and handling public relations. Many consultants also choose to work as independent consultants for publishing companies, in advertising, or information technology or as translators.

Students learn how to write ”Plain Swedish”

Throughout the programme, students are trained in communication through writing courses and professional internships in public organisations, public authorities and in the private sector. In the programme, students learn how to write clear, concise, straight-forward texts, tailored for the reader, a goal that has been labelled ”Plain Swedish”.

A solid knowledge of all aspects of the Swedish language

The programme combines lectures, seminars, discussions, internships and independent work under tutorial guidance with the final examination consisting of a large-scale individual essay project. The programme ultimately provides students with a solid knowledge of all aspects of the Swedish language.

Bachelor’s degree in Swedish

Upon graduation, students receive a Bachelor’s degree in Swedish.

Prospective students are admitted on the basis of a special admissions test

The Department of Scandinavian Languages at Stockholm University has offered the programme in Swedish Language Consultancy since 1978. The programme itself is offered in a sequence of courses which begin every two years with a total duration of three years to complete.

Josefine Berg. Foto: Pia Nordin

Josefine Berg

Student office / student counsellor in Swedish and Scandinavian Languages

Three Swedish language consultants talk

The Association of Swedish Language Consultants (Ess)

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