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Guidelines for Disciplinary Matters at Stockholm University


Disciplinary measures can be taken against students who:

  • with forbidden means of assistance or in any other way try to deceive in exams or when another study achievement is to be evaluated
  • disturb or prevent instruction, exams or other activities within the framework of education at the university
  • disturb or prevent activities in the university library or on any other special premises at the university.

(See ch 10 § 1 in the Higher Education Ordinance). 

Note that certain forms of cheating, for example forgery of documents or false certification, fall under the penal code and can thus lead to criminal charges.



If a student subjects another student or an employee at the university to harassment (for example sexual harassment or harassment due to religion, sex, ethnicity or disability), disciplinary measures shall be taken against this student. (See, for example, 6 § in the law on equal treatment of students).

Disciplinary measures must be taken no longer than two years after the offence has been committed.