Peter Auer

Professor of German and general linguistics, Freiburg University.

Abstract Auer: Some (critical) notes on the notion of pluricentricity (particularly with regar (32 Kb)


Anne Barron

Professor of English linguistics, Leuphana University, Lüneburg.

Abstract Barron: Contrastivity and the pragmatic variable: [...] (69 Kb)


Camilla Lindholm

Associate professor in Scandinavian Languages, University of Helsinki.

Abstract Lindholm: Swedish as a pluricentric language – Examples from health care contexts (50 Kb)


Leigh Oakes

Professor of French and Linguistics, Queen Mary College, University of London.

Abstract Oakes: Pluricentric linguistic justice in Quebec: a normative approach to linguistic author (38 Kb)


Book of Abstracts, LNC2019 (version 6) (539 Kb)

Programme LNC2019 (version 12) (84 Kb)