The SweLL corpus is a newly compiled and manually annotated corpus of essays written by adult learners of Swedish as a second language. Essays have been manually pseudonymized, normalized, and correction annotated. Various tools have been developed to support the process of annotation, annotation management and search, notably a possibility to explore original and corrected data in a parallel fashion in the new tool Svala.

SweLL release, 26–27 August 2021, online


The event will also feature two invited speakers:

  • Brian MacWhinney, Carnegie Mellon Univeersity, USA
  • Tove Larsson, Uppsala University, Sweden & Northern Arizona University, USA


Please, register! The registration is free of charge and is necessary to send you links to the Zoom webinar.

Funding and organization

The work on the infrastructure was funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.

The release is organized under the auspices of Learner Corpus Association, Swedish Clarin and Språkbanken-Text.

SweLL team

  • University of Gothenburg: Elena Volodina (project leader), Yousuf Ali Mohammed, Julia Prentice, Monica Reichenberg
  • University of Stockholm: Mats Wirén, Lisa Rudebeck, Gunlög Sundberg
  • University of Umeå: Lena Granstedt
  • University of Uppsala: Beáta Megyesi