The speaking test is designed to assess the communicative/linguistic competence of the candidate, that is the ability to develop a number of tasks around a given topic on a general level with adequate vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation/fluency. It is therefore important for the candidate to make the most of the preparation time, to be active during the test and provide examples of speaking proficiency.


The overseas speaking test consists of a 10–15 minutes individual presentation of five sub-tasks, recorded under the supervision of a test leader.


The topics are of general interest and are not adapted to any specific academic study programme.


The candidate is given 15 minutes preparation time for the speaking performance. The candidate will discuss one of two given topics, supported by written instruction, a number of key words to reflect on and five sub-tasks to reason around.


The test leader tests the recording equipment to make sure that the candidate is recorded audibly. Once the recording has started, the candidate gives her/his name, the date and location of the test and the topic for the test. Then the five sub-tasks are dealt with (10–15 minutes, each one lasting a minimum of two minutes) according to the instructions given beforehand. Finally, the test leader makes sure that the test is satisfactorily recorded.

Practical information

Time limits

  • Preparation time: 15 minutes.
  • Recording time: 10–15 minutes.


No supporting aid is allowed.

Test examples

Delprov 3: Muntlig färdighet Tisus utland exempelprov

Video demo

In Swedish:

Delprov 3: Muntlig färdighet Tisus utland exempelprov (211 Kb)

Film: Muntlig uppgift utland