The speaking test is designed to assess the communicative competence of the candidate.


The speaking test consists of two tasks.

  • In the conversation task candidates are required to contribute to the content of the conversation in collaboration with the other participants, by accounting for and supporting their own standpoints, and following up on statements and conclusions of the other participants, thereby moving the discussion forward.
  • In the individual task candidates are required to present and reflect on different standpoints concerning the given question, and to account for their own standpoint.

The conversation task: A reasoning conversation

Usually three candidates participate in this task together with an interlocutor. After briefly introducing themselves, the candidates conduct a reasoning conversation on one of two topics presented approximately one week before the test.

The topic prompt, questions and key words indicate the potential content of the conversation. The topics are normally of general interest and not related to a specific area of study.

The candidate is expected to participate actively in the conversation but at the same time to give the other participants enough space to express themselves. The interlocutor decides on one of the two topics for the conversation.  

The individual task

After the conversation task each candidate is handed on paper an individual task related to the conversation topic. Candidates have two minutes to take notes and reflect and then they have two minutes each to talk about different standpoints and account for their own standpoint.

In both tasks topics and standpoints should be discussed on a a general rather than personal level.

Apart from the interlocutor an assessor will normally be present during the test


Preparation material for two topics is distributed to candidates approximately seven days before the test date. Candidates can prepare for the test by searching for information on the Internet, in newspapers and other media and by discussing the topics with an acquaintance.

Practical information

Test time

  • Reasoning conversation: 20 minutes, depending on the number of participants.
  • Individual task: 2 minutes for preparation + 2 minute presentation per candidate.

Total time approximately 30 minutes, including instructions.

Two test days in Stockholm

In Stockholm it is not possible to conduct all speaking tests on the same day as the other two Tisus test components. Speaking tests are therefore scheduled over two days.


The test is video and/or sound recorded

Permitted resources

You can bring the documents you have been sent about the topics to the test session, but there must be no additional notes on these documents. No other resources are allowed during the test.

In addition

All documents must be handed in after the test.


The following is assessed

  • if candidates in the conversation contribute on a general level to carrying the conversation forward, by developing arguments, expressing opinions and linking their contributions to the statements of the other participants
  • if in the individual task candidates account for their thoughts and their standpoint regarding the given question
  • the impression of the candidates’ language competence regarding range, quality and intelligibility


The marks are Pass (Godkänd) or Fail (Underkänd)

To pass the Tisus test you have to pass all the test components. If you fail only one of the test components, you must be re-tested for that component, a so-called rest (make-up).

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Test examples

Delprov 3: Muntlig färdighet Tisus Sverige exempelprov

Video demo

In Swedish:

Delprov 3: Muntlig färdighet Tisus Sverige exempelprov (240 Kb)

Film: Resonerande samtal och individuell uppgift (Sverige)