You are asked to write an independent and critical reasoning text from a general perspective about a certain subject.

The task

You are asked to write a coherent text that should be about 400 words (the length of the text can vary without necessarily affecting the grade). The subject is of public interest and does not aim at any specific study orientation. It is important that the subject is treated from a general perspective, considered from different angels and that the tone is objective. 


You will receive the following materials when you sit the writing test:

  • an instruction sheet
  • an inspirational sheet
  • papers to write on.


The text should consist of:

  • an introduction
  • a longer critical reasoning part
  • a conclusion.

The critical reasoning part should be the majority of the text.

You do not have to use the inspirational sheet, but it may be of help. You have to clearly state if you refer or quote something from the inspirational sheet or any other source.


This part of your text tests your ability to give a background to the discussion that will follow. This is for example done by defining a term from a given issue.

Critical reasoning

This part of your text tests your ability to reason about different approaches to a subject.


This part of your text tests your ability to reflect and think about what you have already written and perhaps look ahead.


The possible reader of your text is an educated person that prefers to read non-fiction texts. Therefore it should be written in a neutral, factual tone, not overly solemn and or in everyday language.

Practical information

Test time

2 hours and 30 minutes.


A Swedish-Swedish word book.

Examples of Swedish-Swedish word books:

  • Bonniers svenska ordbok
  • Norstedts svenska ordbok
  • Natur och Kulturs svenska ordbok
  • Svensk ordbok utgiven av Svenska Akademien.


Thesauruses or bilingual dictionaries are not allowed.

The test provider is not obliged to provide any materials.  


The assessment requires that the one writing the text has produced a text within the given subject and largely followed the instructions.

The text is assessed from the following aspects:

  1. The ability to reason in a clear and independent way from a general perspective with a neutral factual tone.
  2. The ability to structure the text rhetorically and use connectors between the different parts of the text in a clear and logical way.
  3. The writer’s language ability, such as the use of vocabulary, quality and correctness.

Criteria for passing grade

The text is clear and coherent and can be understood without effort. Thoughts have been developed from a general perspective and the language does not appear to be restricted.


Grades are Pass (Godkänt) or Fail (Underkänt).

At least two raters read and assess the text.

To pass Tisus you have to pass all three subtests. If one of the subtests result in a Fail you only have to sit that subtest again.

In Swedish:

Delprov 2: Skriftlig färdighet Tisus exempelprov (339 Kb)

Delprov 2: Skriftlig färdighet Tisus exempellösning med kommentar (23 Kb)