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FAQ. Frequently asked questions about Tisus

Do I need to take Tisus?

Tisus is a qualifying test in Swedish, intended for anyone with an upper secondary school diploma from a foreign country who is planning to apply for academic studies in Sweden and lacks a certificate in Swedish.

Is there a lower age limit for Tisus?

We advise candidates to avoid taking Tisus too soon. Since you should demonstrate that you have knowledge enough to start university studies in Swedish, it can be difficult to pass the test if you are too young.

What level of Swedish is required in order to pass Tisus?

If you pass Tisus, you can apply for academic studies in Sweden, you should therefore have finished foreign upper secondary school (or be studying your last year) at the time of taking Tisus. In order to pass Tisus, you need to have knowledge in Swedish equivalent to Svenska 3 in Swedish upper secondary school.

What is the pass percentage of Tisus?

The pass percentage varies, but is usually around 50%

What is the passing score for Tisus reading comprehension?

We cannot announce a passing score for an upcoming reading test in advance, as the passing score is defined after the test, through extensive analysis.

Why does the Reading Comprehension have a maximum test length?

One of the characteristics of an advanced reader is reading fluency. The reading process of the reader with good fluency is characterized by automatic word recognition and automatic interpretation of various signals in the text (grammatical forms, sentence construction, cohesion and content structure).

Are there any preparatory courses for Tisus?

There are no specific preparatory courses for Tisus, as the test is a proficiency test; consequently, there is no specific literature or curriculum that needs to be studied to prepare for the test.

Coinciding with IB exams

Unfortunately, Tisus needs to be administered these weeks in order to match the application time for university studies and last date to supplement diplomas.

Does an approved Tisus result have an expiration date?

An approved Tisus result is equivalent to a grade, that is, it has no expiration date.

How is my personal data handled?

By registering for Tisus, you agree to that your personal data is stored and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We use your information to register your results on the test.

Can I get at Tisus certificate in English?

Unfortunately, we do not translate Tisus certificates. If you need a certificate translated into English (or any other language), you will need to see to that yourself.

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