If you have applied for university studies at a Swedish university or college for the upcoming semester (before October 15th and April 15th, respectively – these dates can vary depending on the weekday), you have until June (or alternatively December for the fall term) to acquire the Tisus certificate. You will find the exact dates at antagning.se.

We will send a list containing all the approved test results to the Admission service (Antagningen) prior to the last date for completing university applications.

  • If you have applied via antagning.se for the upcoming semester at a Swedish university/college, you will not have to  send in the certificate yourself. 
  • If you have applied elsewhere, or if you apply late, you will have to send in a copy of your certificate yourself in order to register. 

An approved Tisus result is equivalent to a grade, that is, it has no expiration date.


Residual tests

There are two grades: Pass (Godkänt) and Fail (Underkänt).

To pass Tisus you have to pass all three parts of the exam. If one of the components is graded as Underkänt, you are allowed to retake that component only, a so-called residual test. You will have to retake the residual test within a year from your first examination (i.e. at one of the two upcoming test occasions). If two or three of the components are graded as Underkänt, you will have to retake the whole test.

Residual tests can be taken at any of the test centres in Sweden or abroad (regardless of where you took the first test).

If you are uncertain whether you will pass Tisus, it is advisable that you apply for a course in Swedish as a foreign language at a Swedish university or college before October 15th and April 15th, respectively. For more information send a request or visit the different universities’ web pages.

Universities Sweden


Grades cannot be appealed. According to The Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100, 6 Chap. § 24) a grade can, however, be reconsidered if it is obviously incorrect due to new circumstances or for some other reason. Reconsideration does not involve reassessment, but can be e.g. a correction of a typo. If you want your result on Tisus to be reconsidered, you must fill in the following form ( Omprövning av resultat (682 Kb) ) and send it to tisus.svefler@su.se as soon as possible.