About the test locations

Each examination is administered at approximately 70 different locations across the world, on all continents. At some locations, above all in Europe and the US, some of the test centres administer the test on almost every scheduled occasion, whereas other test centres only administer the test on isolated occasions.

When we receive a report of interest to take Tisus, we investigate whether it is possible to administer the upcoming Tisus test at the desired location.

We primarily use already established test centres, which can imply that you be referred to a location other than the one desired. That is, we do not have permanent test centres abroad; rather, the test is administered at locations where there is a demand for the test and where we have test administrators available.

Consequently, we cannot guarantee beforehand that a specific test centre will be accessible. However, some test centres administer the test on almost every occasion; in 2021, the following test centres had the largest number of candidates:

  • Athens (Greece)
  • Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Zürich (Switzerland)
  • London (UK)
  • San Francisco (USA)

Please note that despite the fact that these test centres have received the largest number of candidates in 2021, there is no guarantee that Tisus will be administered at these test centres on the upcoming test dates.

Contact Tisus abroad, please see the green box containing contact information.